Waterjet cutting or technology is popular among different companies who are already applying it in different projects. If you are new to waterjet cutting, it is good to know that two methods exist, which are used in different applications. Pure waterjet cutting is applied on soft materials like paper while abrasive waterjet cutting is used for hard materials like metals. The reasons as to why most companies and industries rely on waterjet cutting extends beyond just cutting these different materials.  Below are ways through which the use of waterjet cutting is beneficial.  

The first benefit of using waterjet cutting is there is no material limitation; waterjet can handle just any material or product that other traditional cutters cannot, irrespective of its shape or surface. The other cutting techniques have been beneficial over the years, however, not so much if it comes to the cutting of certain shapes, which is waterjet cutting comes in; materials can be cut into any shape you want which is beneficial if you are handling a project requiring those shapes. Get more information about the flow waterjet company here.

 If you have heat-sensitive materials that you are wondering how you are going to manage to cut, waterjet cutting is the best alternative; you will manage the to get the precision and shape you ant without involving heat. Different companies and industries dealing with different materials which some are unfortunately distorted if exposed to heat, such material can be cut using waterjet cutting that cuts without the use of heat.  Using waterjet cutting helps to eliminate costs due to thermal distortion of machine parts and materials while also reducing the risk of fatigue failure resulting from process-induced thermal stressing.  Heat cutting technique has been used by most industries for many years and has yielded results, but it also exposes employees to the risk of burns which is eliminated if you switch to waterjet cutting. 

 Waterjets are the most environmentally friendly cutting method because it uses less water, most of which is recycled, plus it allows for parts to be nested very closely to maximize material use and minimize wastes being produced.  Waterjet cutting is usually optimal for applications in all types of industries because of the superior precision it offers compared to other cutting materials; it can smoothly can any material you are dealing without distortion. Read more  about waterjet cutting here: www.flowwaterjet.com.

 You should use waterjet cutting because there is no additional finishing process required; the immediate high cutting quality ensures a precise result, avoiding that significantly accelerates the cutting process and saves time, increasing overall efficiency of the firm.  Superior speed and accuracy of waterjet when cutting thick materials is one of the major reasons why most people prefer it. If you haven’t started using waterjet cutting technology but have been thinking about it these are the reasons to start doing so to boost the efficiency of your firm . Learn more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abrasive_machining.